Delightful day of walks & training

It is unseasonably warm here today, quite lovely out really.  Gorgeous enough to get my husband out on a walk in the woods with us!  We crossed paths with a number of other folks out enjoying the woods today both with and without their dogs and everyone was fantastic!  We all communicated, were honest with our needs from each other and respectful of what was communicated.  It was just plain wonderful.  Refreshing.  It’s the kind of day and walk that restores my faith in humanity.  Overall just great.  Really fantastic.

Also, I adore Zora’s whistle recall.  So glad I trained that.  She happily stops on a dime, turning as she decelerates and races to me.  I find it’s one that is harder than a verbal to wreck.  You know how it is, at least for me I tend to call my dogs all the time.  Around the house, in the yard, just to tell them how cute they are.  It’s easy to get sloppy with such laxity.  A whistle, well I have to think more to whistle.  Coordination and all.  Means I have to be conscious of what I’m doing, and therefore more conscious about criteria response I want to maintain for the dogs and for me.

Zora enjoyed that hubby was with us because it meant she got to play some ball on the trails as well.  He throws so much better than I ever can, even with a Chuck It for help!  It was very fun.  Thomas was perfect as usual, no tripping or being smashed in the head with branches for me.  Yay!

Once home we still had daylight, always find it shocking that just a month after solstice the daylight hours have shifted so much already.  It’s not even February yet, but feels like spring today.  Mr H was gracious enough to help me set up the dog walk and move some tunnels into place after which Zora and I had some training fun.  First we ran the most recent Chances posting for a VT Q.  She was on fire and we were both enjoying ourselves on that course.  Then we trained.

A clip of some of our training time:

And our Chances VT Q:

Weather like today lifts my spirits.  After being down for the count with a virus for a while, then dreary rainy weather, to be finally feeling better and the weather so nice as well.  Just a good day all around.  Hope your weekends are just as lovely!

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