Dog Training Math

Dog training is my happy place.  Lately one of the few times I feel happy, so I’ve been doing it a lot.  Few minutes here and there throughout the day can add up quickly.  I just did a loose addition of the short (less than 10min, most more like 2-3min) sessions the dogs and I have had today and not including the time we were out on a walk, we’ve trained a total of closing in on 2 hours already today.

Waiting for the timer to tell me my lunch has cooked, we practice position changes.

Take the dogs out to toilet, and we end up practicing heeling games.

I need to use the restroom, I first to ask the dogs to hold a sit stay until I return.

Waiting for the plumber to arrive, we practice pivots.

Here and there I grab a handful of cookies and we play some training game.  Fronts, finishes, dumbbell holds, stays, sits, stands, downs, pivots, recalls, go outs, targets.

The dogs rarely tell me they’d rather not.  We’re all training junkies, the dogs and I.

2 minutes here.  10 cookies there.  5 minutes over there.

The moments add up.

Hmm, on further examination, maybe this explains my unplanned 3hr nap yesterday afternoon…

Zora sound asleep belly up in the red duvet cover

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