Ducks Being Difficult

The ducks were rather reluctant to return to the safety of their overnight pen this afternoon.  Zora and I had our work cut out for us.  We haven’t worked the ducks in over a month, and Zora was being pushy with no balance to speak of until the very end.  But we got it done!

(in the video at one point she is holding her ear weird and shaking her head, I think a bit of dirt or something must have flown in as she’s fine now)

On the plus side Zora and I have been working on her being willing to gather the ducks to me as she much prefers to drive them away.  And we are making progress!!

Zora on the outside curve of the ducks moving them to me!!!

Also the ducks are back to laying!  Spring must be here!  I made the most delicious gluten free lemon meringue pie the other night using the duck eggs.  Every time I use that recipe I am astounded by the interesting properties of tapioca starch.  Why did I make pie, you ask?  Just because I wanted pie.  And I feel no guilt in saying, I ate it all myself and it was absolutely decadent.  Delightful.

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  1. LOL! That’s great but duck be like that. I remember going to something called a “royal show” here where I live and seeing sheep dogs trying to rounding up some ducks and it was totally hopeless but very funny. It was best thing of the whole day because when on forever or well it seems like it when on forever now in my memory!

    1. That sounds like a fun event! And I can just imagine a bunch of border collies used to moving sheep struggling to convince ducks to go where they want. Lol. Ducks are definitely not sheep. Lol. Thanks for your comment!

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