Empowerment in a Toolbox

I love being able to do things to my house.  I love the process of realizing something I’d like to be different, or better, or more efficient.  Thinking of the various ways to accomplish that.  Designing a plan.  Figuring out how to implement it.  Pulling together the materials.  And then doing it.

I love when what I’ve sketched out on paper comes out exactly as I designed.  With no unexpected wasted materials.  The measurements fit perfectly.  No jury rigging anything.  It works.  It looks nice.  It fits the space.  It’s functional.  And efficient.  And massively empowering.

Being able to look up how to move my thermostat to a better place in the house.  And then doing it.  And the furnace still works!

Being able to look up how to wire a light switch and new interior light.  And then doing it.  And no one was electrocuted.  And it works!

Thinking about the better use of space in my kitchen nook.  Designing a window seating bench with storage.  Doing it.  And it works!

Massive empowerment in a pencil, tape measure and power saw.

It’s one of the same reasons I love dog training so much.

Set a goal.  Think.  Research.  Design a plan.  Implement.  And it works!

Zora jumping works!


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