Exercising the Ducks

Spot.  The loud mouth.

The past 3 nights, or I should say, early mornings, the ducks, or more specifically 1 duck, Mr Spot, who as the male was supposed to be the quieter of the group, who was supposed to because drakes don’t actually quack but instead sound like frog’s croaking was supposed to be the quiet one, has been croaking away at 5am.  Which while it’s a pleasant sound, it’s at 5am.  And I’m tired enough as it is to not need the 5am wake up thank you very much.

I’m also concerned the ducks might be getting a bit portly.  Which I know is a risk with backyard ducks.  Too much food, not enough exercise equals fat ducks.  Fat ducks equals more likely to be unhealthy ducks.  While these guys get a lot of foraging time, the past 2 weeks they are suddenly wanting to eat way more of their duck kibble.  And I know they are finding lots of bugs and worms since I recently expanded their daytime space.  As well as getting a good amount of veggies.  Their calorie intake for whatever reason has suddenly started demanding more.

So today Zora helped me give the ducks a bit of exercise before putting them to bed.  And got to practice some of our herding.  I talk way too much.  Ugh.  Which was blatantly clear in the video.  The 1st bit I was pretty quiet and she worked very nicely, then I started to open my mouth.  And she started looking back at me more instead of focusing on her stock.  Need to plaster a big postit note, “Katrin, Shut Your Mouth!”   Regardless, I think we are making a little bit of progress, and the ducks got some exercise.  And Zora seemed to have fun.

Hopefully tonight Spot and his harem decide to go back to sleeping until at least 7am.  Here’s hoping as I’m tired.

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