Fingers Crossed

I think we maybe got the bonus!!!

In NADAC, when you think you’ve met the criteria for a bonus run you have to submit a video of the run for review to NADAC.  Then after they review it, you are notified if and how many bonus points your run earned.

Fingers crossed!!!!  In any case, if we don’t get the bonus points, I am so so so so so thrilled with our run.  This is the first time we’ve been able to complete the entire run staying on course without me leaving the box!!!  It was so thrilling!!  Especially as it was our first run of the day/weekend.  I was incredibly happy that the switch out to the right practice we have been doing is finally starting to pay off!!

The remainder of our day continued to go well.  We did attempt the bonus in tunnelers rd 2 as well, and were almost there.  Apparently a dog before us had toileted on course just at the exit of the 3rd to last tunnel.  Zora came zipping out of the tunnel and stopped dead to sniff.  I left the box to remind her to get moving!  After we ran, they cleaned the area more thoroughly.  Which we all appreciated from there on.  No biggie.  It was still a gorgeous run.

Barrelers was 2 qualifiers.  And a lot of fun.  It was a tough course to remember!!  I was out there the entire 5 min they gave us for walk through trying to get it correctly in my head.

Regular I was thrilled with.  As I gave myself a bonus box (there wasn’t one offered, so I made my own one up to practice).  And BOTH runs we were able to complete the entire course from the box I imagined for myself.  So happy with that!!!

Jumpers was hard.  I tried from the box, which I knew was going to be really hard for us based on where the bonus box was and the set up of the course.  Driving through a box of obstacles especially early on in the course with me restricted to a small area is still a challenge for us.  More to continue to practice. So we worked and trained round 1. Then I ran with her on round 2 to keep her speed and confidence up to end the day on.

An excellent fun day of agility was had by all. Yay!

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  1. I have never seen agility before where the dog is responding to voice and arms signals only and not have the trainer running alongside. Amazing! And very impressive!

    1. Thanks! It’s great fun to practice and strive for. An added challenge to the sport. And an incredible rush when it all comes together :-). Thanks for reading and commenting

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