Friday Walk Fun

Today we have a couple of visitors who joined us on our walk!  It was great fun.  And for those who ask me if Tom ever just gets to ‘be a dog.’  The answer is of course yes.  Walks like today are one such time.  I am comfortable enough on this property and walk that I cane it and Tom gets to be a free dog running and swimming.  Though I always end up with few photos or videos of him since is preferred place to be is usually close at my side.  Unlike the girls, he prefers to keep a close eye on me at all times.

Practicing our Whistle Recalls.  Good girls turning on a dime!

And the corgi who puts the whole group of field dogs to shame!  The spaniels, standard poodle and labrador cross ain’t got ‘nuttin on the retrieving corgi

And to end the walk some fun running running running in the field

What a great way to start the weekend!  And I now have a houseful of happy tired dogs.  This is the life.

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