Fun with Red Ball

When we play with most toys, my dogs get a lot of choice on directing the game.  That said, in this video, Zora was obliging me because I essentially begged her to play with Redball.  LOL.  She had started the game with me about 5 or so minutes earlier, before I had the video rolling, so that by the time I turned the camera on and was asking her to keep playing, she was getting tired.

There are certain boundaries to any game that I maintain, like don’t put your teeth on me, if you want me to throw, kick, hold, tug or otherwise engage with the toy you have to bring it to me, if you want me to throw or kick the toy, you actually have to give it to me as I’m not going to wrestle it from you, don’t steal another dog’s toy without that dog wanting to play the ‘I steal it, you steal it back’ kind of game, etc.  A general rule that tends to be context specific is bring the toy I throw back (ie don’t substituent another toy that might be in the area for the one I threw.  If you want to play with a different toy, bring the one I threw back then go get the one you would rather we play with.) But for the most part toy play we keep rather fluid.  Like this video shows.  It keeps it entertaining and fun for all of us.

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