Great Way to Start 2017!

We had so much fun this weekend.  We did 2.5 days of agility and had an absolute blast.  Yup I know I cashed in a lot of energy cards but totally worth it.  TOTALLY!!  We had originally planned and entered just for 2 days, but then they were accepting day of entries the 3rd day and my husband offered the day to me as a gift and I’m so glad we went for half of the day.  So glad!

Zora sitting on my lap waiting our turn to run

The trial was run in what is called Beta Format in NADAC.  Meaning there are 2 rounds of each class, but you run the same course each round (as opposed to in a regular trial format each round runs a totally new course).  It was great, as I found myself feeling comfortable letting go of ‘it’s a trial’ and running more to how we do in the yard when we practice.  Really letting our distance skills transfer into the trial courses.  We still have a long ways to go before we could run a bonus box or distance challenge, but especially in jumpers and hoopers we are making progress.

This trial I also dropped Zora down to skilled so she is allowed to jump 4″.  I’m glad I did.  After watching her runs from past trials at 8″ it looked like she was really having to work to get her short little legs over and she’s a small but hefty dog.  I want to lessen added stress on her body as much as I can while still being able to do activities we both find fun.  So 4″ it is.  And she was flying.

Some videos of our runs from Day 1:
Elite Regular Rd 1 (first run of the day)

Elite Chances

And from Day 3:
Elite Jumpers (last run of the day)

Elite Regular


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