Jolly Ball Love

Zora running at me with her purple Jolly Ball

Does your dog have a favorite outdoor toy?

Zora’s favorite is well, me first and foremost.  She finds me a very fun interactive toy.  But her Jolly Balls take a close second.  She loves them so much she knows each by name.

There is Red Ball, the smaller size red jolly ball with no handle.  I believe some dog many years ago relived it of that.

There is Blue Ball, the very large blue one with a half eaten handle.

And this Purple Ball which for the moment is her current favorite.  She tends to swap depending on her mood.  Sometimes she likes the Purple because it is the easiest for her to pick up.  That’s her go to when she wants to play fetch.

Red Ball she likes when she’s in a run around like a nut mood, since while she can pick it up, she prefers to smash it around the yard with her nose, pushing it all over the place.

Zora running full speed after Blue Ball

Blue Ball she likes when she wants a challenge.  Since again while she can pick it up, it’s harder.  Blue Ball also tends to bounce the best when I kick it, so sometimes she seems to choose it for that.

I’ve tried a couple of the harder plastic balls with her too, but she tells me she doesn’t like them at all unless we are playing the very structured push it game.  Even then, she’d rather we play that game with the basketball or the physio ball.  For our regular go to yard fun, her top pick is the classic bouncy Jolly Ball.  (have to say, those are way easier on my feet to kick too!)

I recently learned that Jolly Ball now makes a soccer ball type toy for dogs.  And I splurged and got her one.  We are eagerly awaiting it in the mail, and can’t wait to see how Z Z likes it!

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