Level 1 & 1+ PASS!

Yay!  I’m tickled pink!  Zora and I passed our Fenzi TEAM Training Level 1 and Level 1+ evaluations!

Level 1 and 1+ are the same exercises, but must be done in 2 different environments.  Level 1 we did in my basement training room, Level 1+ in our tiny living room.  Yay Zora!

One of the things I’m appreciating about this program is the judges comments and critiques.  Lots of really nice feedback.  But my favorite comment came this morning on the email notifying me of our 1+ pass, the judge’s comments ended with,

“Your relationship with Zora is such a happy, respectful one. Your terms of endearment made me smile. Making observers smile is a good external measurement of what you are experiencing on the inside. Nice job, and CONGRATULATIONS!”


Now to continue working on our level 2 skills!  Standing on cue, that’s our focus at the moment.

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