On the Mend

Zora standing on the treadmill, tail a wagging blur, waiting for me to turn the machine on for her

Zora’s been on R&R for the past 10 days or so for a foot injury.  Not sure how it happened, the most likely is either A. I stepped on her and let’s be honest, rather a high chance of that.  or B.  She really jammed it either chasing chipmunks or a ball in the woods, and let’s be honest, also high chance of that with the intensity she races after either of those.

After a visit to the chiropractor, about 5 days of snoozing on the couch and being left home from walks, her foot was clearly starting to feel better but she was still really low energy.  I thought to myself, something else is going on here.  My gut says she’s having a tick borne disease flare up as last year she came up positive for both lyme and anaplasmosis.  Sure enough 3 doses of doxy later, she’s back to her normal energy demanding I let her DO SOMETHING!!  Which of course is tricky, as her foot is still healing.

Mid week, after another chiropractor appointment, we got the go ahead to start doing bits of exercise.  Can I say how thankful we all are that she can now be a bit more active?

Yesterday she got to do a bit of an on leash walk in the woods through the pine forest.  Walking on the soft bed of pine needles.  Watching for chipmunks she couldn’t chase.  And was sound after that.

Today, we’ve added in some treadmill work.  With the treadmill I can more easily observe how she’s moving and more easily control the speed she is moving at.  Also, she loves the treadmill and asks me to turn it on every time we go in the cellar, so as she can’t play ball or run around like a nutter for the near future, if the treadmill is allowed and makes her happy, treadmill it shall be.

Suffice to say, this morning she was very happy.

A trotting blur of Zora as she walks on the treadmill

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  1. I am planning on having Brèagha spayed at the end of the month and I am SO dreading the 2 weeks (or however long) of rest. Looking up crate games and such currently. I hope Zora is able to do her corgi things again soon.

    1. Then you’ll love how we bought the treadmill (used, off craigs list) just for her a couple of years ago. One of the best most useful Zora purchases we have made over the years. LOL. She LOVES it

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