Rally Advanced!

Zora sitting in our kitchen with her 2 blue first place rosettes, 2 green flat qualifying ribbons, a green and black new title rosette and 2 hand made blue trivets we also were given as awards

We had such a nice time today at the Charles River Dog Training Club‘s rally trial.  It was a really lovely trial.  Very low key and easy going.  Everyone was so supportive of each other.  I do adore in obedience and rally the clapping after each run, the chairs set up to watch each other ring side, and that they stop everything to give the awards and placements and even more so I adore that they have a name for that.  They call it “Pinning the class” and it makes my heart melt a little every time.  I love it.  Love the community support and camaraderie.  It’s just a lovely way to spend a Sunday if you ask me.

It was an added bonus that our 2 Advanced Rally runs went very well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the judge’s courses.  Challenging but fair for the level.  We ended the day with a score of 98 and 1st place in our first run, and score of 100 and 1st place in our second run to complete our Rally Advanced title!  Yay!

Our 1st run with score of 98 (1 pt off for lagging at the start, and 1 pt off on our side steps.)

Our 2nd run with score 100 to complete our Rally Advanced title

We’re going to take a break from Rally now as I focus more on our Novice and Open Obedience skills gearing up for our first Novice obedience trial in just a few short weeks!

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  1. I like the tail wagging. Brèagha gets kind of intense when we’re training and doesn’t usually wag. She gets the crazy Border Collie face, and often she will bark the whole time, which is kind of annoying but I also kind of like it because I know she’s having fun, LOL.

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