Rally Trial

We went to our first Rally competition today.  2 trials in 1 day.  It was great fun!

We were entered in Novice B both rounds, and earned our fist 2 qualifying scores.  100 in Rd 1 with 2nd place, and 100 in Rd 2 with 1st place.

Zora sitting with her 2 green qualifying ribbons and her blue and her red placement rosettes

It was nice to chat and catch up with many people I haven’t seen in a long time or see infrequently.  It was a great supportive atmosphere, and Zora and I got many nice compliments.  I now laugh and agree every time someone tells me just how cute she is (when I started competing in agility with her, it would bother me somewhat as I wanted people to see her as competitive not cute.  Now I embrace the cute, as I know she is competitive and freaking adorable!)

Video of our 1st run (where I nearly got lost at the 3rd sign, saved it!  I can’t read the signs as I go so rely on memory as to the order of the course, glad my memory kicked in at the last second and reminded me “No!!  This one is just a right turn!”)

Video of our 2nd run

Along with rally, this competition also had obedience.  Which was very educational to watch.  I learned a lot, many things to keep in mind as Zora and I continue to train.  Watching the obedience was such fun, I took some photos of a number of dogs in various classes just because I enjoyed their performances.  There were many, many, many golden retrievers entered today in obedience along with a variety of other breeds, but I’d say goldens were in excess by a long margin to any other breed or mix of dog in the competition.

Not to be forgotten, Tom was also in attendance.  He was a huge help getting me in and out of the facility, it was a long walk from where we were parked and he was a champ all day

Tom standing in his x-pen

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