Skill A Day: Day 10 agility with cones

Today was a rather nippy day out for sure.  But to keep the Corgi Crazies at bay Zora and I bundled up and headed outside to play and train for about 10min.

Skill wise we practiced a few different sequences and exercises using the cones and barrels set up in the yard.

We worked on speed and tightness around the barrel.  I really have to watch my footwork and upward body cues that I don’t send her flying on a wide trajectory

And we worked on a couple of different Go set ups.  We both still struggle with this.  More practice this winter on this skill for sure.

We had some fun with the cone circle too

And worked on a challenging for us sequence with barrels and cones. Getting that out to the far cone after such closeness was tough.

And we ended our outside fun with some free ball play.  Because who doesn’t like to see a video of a corgi having a blast with her ball?

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