Skill A Day: Day 13 E.T. Phone Home

I spend rather a lot of time sitting, resting on the couch in the grand scheme of my days.  As a result, the dogs and I create a variety of silly games and tricks that amuse us as we pass the time.

E.T. Phone Home is one such silly game.  It usually starts with me feeling lonely as all of the dogs have found places to snooze and lie down away from me.  Like the other end of the couch.  Oh My Gosh they want personal space on their own time?!  How rude!  (laughing as I’m typing).

So I point a crooked little pointer finger out, smile and in a silly voice say “E.T. Phone Home?”  Zora usually then opens one eye as if to say, “Seriously?”

I smile a silly face and wag my finger a little way over on my end of the couch.

The tip of her tail starts to wag.  And she creeps over to gently touch the tip of her nose to the tip of my finger.

From there the silly games and variations like in this video clip from today commence.

It ends with my laughing hysterically, Zora usually happy barking or squeaking a toy, and Tom getting off of his dog bed, coming over to see what all the fuss is about and demand that he be included and as such I should now pet him.  A lot.

It’s fun.

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