Skill A Day: Day 15 agility with cones

Yesterday started the polar vortex the weather folks have been going on about.  But I have this dog, this corgi dog, who loves beyond belief the cold.  The colder the better in her mind.  And the colder the better we be outside!

So after a walk in the woods.  And some ball play in the back yard.  She was still on high amp wanting to work.  I tried inside games.  But she wanted out!

Zora lying on the hardwood floor, tail a blur it’s wagging so fast.  Let’s do something!! she says!

Therefore like a good well trained dog owner, I bundled myself up in layers and gloves and my Elmer Fudd hat that my hubby gifted with me a couple of years ago which is the best out in the yard in the freezing cold with the dogs hat ever and out we went to train.

Zora was on fire.  Seriously this dog loves the cold.  Our distance practice was by far the best it’s been since I set up the backyard cones and barrels.  I wish I had it on video (alas my camera despises the cold and the battery dies way too quickly).  She was having a blast.  I was having fun with her excitement and happiness.  It was a great few minutes and worth the lack of feeling in my feet, hands and face.  Totally worth it.

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