Skill A Day: Day 16 drop on recall

As I’ve mentioned, it’s really rather brisk out and yet the corgi wants to be out.  With me.  Playing some game.  Because the corgi loves the cold.  And winter.  And snow.  And it’s all so perfectly fantastic!!  To be honest, I overall agree with her.  Winter is usually my best functioning season.  But still today is unusually cold for mid December around here.  Usually we get a week of negative temps in January.  And we have December to get used to the cold and gear up for the freeze of January and snow storms of February and March.  Not this year though.

So for today’s skill a day practice we reviewed our moving downs and drops on recalls.  Helps keep us out of games of mindless fetch.  Sometimes I’d down her as I called her to me, sometimes as she was returning with her ball, sometimes as she was racing toward her ball, sometimes as she was moving waiting for me to throw her ball.  “Lie down” and how fast can the corgi freeze.  Maybe someday we’ll play Red Light, Green Light.  Oh gosh that would be so fun to teach Zora the rules of and then play with the nieces and nephews.  They would all have such a blast.  Hmm, will have to think about the mechanics of that.  Anyway, back to today.  Lots of downs.  With the intense little corgi dog.

Zora laying on the frozen ground her purple ball beside her waiting for release

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