Snowy Walk in the Woods

It was such a lovely morning.  A friend and I took our dogs for a walk in the snow fall.  Her poodle and Zora had such fun racing back and forth, and Tom was a wonderful guide who seemed to have fun too.  It was perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold, not too much wind, quiet snow fall, no other people around.  Lovely way to start our day.

The other bit this video reminded me of is how entirely doable having 2 dogs with different sets of criteria is and each dog having certain criteria based on context that they know and understand.  For example, Tom knows if he were off leash having a free run, and I said “ok go play!” he’d take off running and noodle doing his own thing, just like every other off leash dog in the group does.  Here when I say “Ok go play!” he ignores that knowing it’s only meant as a cue for Zora, since he is in harness he knows different cues apply.  Or Zora, when she’s on leash if I say “Forward” that’s her heel beside me cue and Tom’s guide forward cue.  But when she’s off leash, she completely ignores my “Forward” cue knowing it’s for Tom alone.  If I want or need Zora to walk with me off leash then her cue then is “Heel.”  Both dogs have learned a wait or a come cue can apply to anyone at anytime and so both regardless of who is on or off leash respond assuming they are close enough to hear it.  Of course the real key to all of that is my consistency and maintaining criteria, but entirely doable and it works.

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