Teaching "On Your Place"

Lately I’ve been working on a little video project.  In the process of it and having others review it, I’ve once again realized the environment conducive to me functioning isn’t one conducive to other things, such as video camera friendly lighting.  So, after hashing out what it would take to make these more accessible to a wider population and recognizing it would largely make them then inaccessible to me and impossible for me to make, I’ve decided these are as good as they’ll get for the time being.  I’ve done videos on teaching a dog to ‘go to place’, teaching a drop it cue, and introduction to tugging.  Today I’ll post here the ‘go to place’ on, later likely the others.

That all said, the project was really fun to do with my dogs.  Tom, Zora and I enjoyed the time we spent together making these.  Which means it was worth me to spend time and energy on.  Spending quality time with me dogs is never a waste.

So if you watch this and get something positive out of them, yay!  I hope you are able to learn something useful.  If you find the lighting distracting, too difficult to learn with, or otherwise inaccessible to you, then please don’t watch.

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