The Dance

Before our wedding, my husband and I took some ballroom dancing classes through our local adult ed program.  During one of the lessons, I finally understood why I know so many agility folks who have done or do ballroom dancing.  For that zen moment with your partner when everything clicks, you each know the other’s movements so well, time slows, and everything seems to flow effortlessly.  Exhilarating.  Addicting.

In agility, it’s those kind of runs, which are often especially early on far and few between, that fuel my love of the sport.  When my dog and I gel and whoa what a ride!

Today Zora and I had more than one of those runs.  And I’m still on the high.  Our 2nd run of the day Elite Numbered Hoopers.  Yea.  Dreamy.  It just felt so good!  She was reading my cues, I was giving them as she needed.  We really were a team!  We were dancing! It was grand.

And then in Regular the same.  Though not for all of the course, just parts that time.

For the first time ever, in Weavers, Zora sped up with each successive set of poles!  And she’s starting to get a rhythm!  We are getting closer and closer to our goal of a 3 second performance for a set of 12 poles.  We actually did sets under 4 seconds, at 3.91!!!!  I am elated!

Our Jumpers run, though we had 2 rails down, she ran the fastest she has ever run a Jumpers course!  Over 5 yards per second!!!!  As the 1st run of the day.  2 weeks after she cut her foot.  To say I am thrilled with the speed is an understatement!  Also I was tickled that our serpentine practice of late totally paid off on that course!

It was really just a great day.  Worth every second.  Damn I love this sport.  And I love my little corgi dog.

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