There has been a lot of talk lately on the NADAC forum about X-Hoopers.  I’ve been wanting to play it since I first heard of it but none of the local trials we had been too had offered it and it wasn’t offered in the VT course sets.  Until last week.

I was so excited to try it, I quickly set the course before we left for our NH vacation.  It was as much of a fun blast as I’d been hoping!  And Zora loved it.  She thinks numbered hoopers is blah just following the course running booooring, but she was grinning happy on the X-Hoopers course.  She liked the ex-pens creating the hoop circle.  I’m so happy the powers that be at NADAC are now offering the X-Hoopers courses in the weekly VT course set.  I can’t wait to do more and progress through the challenges of each level!

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