6 Already

Zora lying on the deck with her head peeking through the railing

This year it feels sometimes as if time is just slipping by. At other times, as if I can feel every second as it slowly ticks past. Realizing today Zora is 6 years old has come as a bit of a shocker. Seems just a blink ago we were picking her up as a 5 month old pup. As all corgis are, she was the cutest puppy. She still is adorable. Smart as all get out, but so darn cute on top. Being brindle pointed, she appears to be going grey a bit already. It gives her a bit of a distinguished air. An air she then promptly sets aside as she rolls in something with glee.

Happy 6th birthday to the little corgi dog! Here’s to many more to come!

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