Do Corgis Shed a Lot?

You be the judge…

Tom sitting behind a medium size pile of black fur, Zora sitting behind a large pile of grey fur about 2x the size of Tom’s fur pile

Granted, this quantity is only about twice a year non stop for a couple of weeks.  Thank goodness!

0 thoughts on “Do Corgis Shed a Lot?

    1. lol yea vain about their hair I am for sure not. Despite that people are always commenting on how nice and shiny their coats are and what do I do or feed them special? I always feel a bit abashed when I shrug and go “nothing really, baths about 2x a year and the occasional brush out as needed”. This time of year though I brush them nearly every day, have to or be over run by fur! I’ll bet your dog looks like a super model always 😉

      1. I get that comment too sometimes. Or people ask me how often I brush her. I always want to say, It’s not just the brushing that makes the coat shiny, more to do with good food, fresh air and sunshine and exercise.

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