Happy 2 to You!!!

Zora turns 2 today!  Oh how time flies!  When I think of all the things we have accomplished in such short a time all I can do is smile.

Some of my favorite most joyous times with Zora this year:

  • The first time we made it around the entire Borderland forest loop
  • That we can now walk past other dogs, people, bikes, etc without her gentle leader on and she self initiates disengaged, calm, safe behavior and it’s pretty rare for the barky dog to come out now
  • That when she is feeling a bit overwhelmed or worried, she comes seeking me out.  That being with me is her safe place.
  • Our first agility trial, where I arrived with the idea that we would spend most of our time practicing being chill in the crating area, and only stay a few hours, and instead she arrived with the idea that she had done this forever, no big deal, and we stayed the entire day to earn Qs in all 6 of our runs!
  • Watching dogs who are usually reactive or have poor social skills, respond so well to her and become best of friends.  Zora helping them learn that it’s ok and pretty fun to be a dog.
  • That Tom now thinks she’s ok and worth keeping around
  • Earning our first Elite agility qualifiers!
  • Practicing herding with her with our ducks and seeing the natural corgi be
  • Her adoring my niece and nephew
  • The relationship she and my husband have.  Oh so sweet and cute.
  • Watching her problem solve and understand physics so well.  She’s so smart and figures so much out.  I love it.
  • Waking up in the morning with her snuggled up to me

So happy birthday to the little corgi munchkin.  I love this dog so much!  Looking forward to many more with her!

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