Happy 3 to Me!

Zora here and today it’s my birthday!!  MY Birthday!  Me me me Corgi dog ALL DAY!  It’s My Day!  Mum said so!  So as it’s my birthday I have many requests.

First more breakfast!  What?  You say no!?  But it’s my birthday!  “sorry, Zora, no.  You can have a special bite of hot dog in your breakfast but not more breakfast.”  What kind of crap birthday is this going to be human?!  No extra breakfast?!  But it’s my day!  Well we shall see lady, you better step up and make it a really great day if you want me to forgive this one!

Second a walk and swim.  That one mum said ok to!  It was awesome!!  And the cheese stick she gave me wasn’t half bad either.  Ok this day is improving a lot!

Damp corgi wrapped in a towel after her swim!

Third ball time!  A LOT of ball time!  Every time we go outside.  Until I want to stop!

Zora with her green soccer ball in her mouth running to me

Fourth you human sit still and let me sleep on you.  “Sorry Zora I can’t make promises on that one.  Sitting without shifting is really hard.  How about I pet you instead while you lay beside me?”  Hmm, ok I guess.

Fifth all the cookies I want!  “ALL? the cookies you want?  Maybe, we’ll see.  There might just be some ice cream tonight for you special little munchkin…..”


Zora the corgi who is now threeee!!  Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Zora lying in the green grass making her birthday requests.

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