Snow, Real Snow!

Smiley face my hubby drew in the snow on our A-Frame

This weekend we were graced with the first real snow of the season!  And by real snow, I mean over a foot of it.  Yea sure we’ve so far had a couple of dustings, even a couple of inches, but this weekend it was real snow.  Real, ‘yea it’s coming down hard no one is going anywhere for the next 12+ hours’ snow.  Real no one is on the roads but the plows snow.  It’s great!

The ducks begrudgingly survived it.  They don’t seem to mind the snow itself, but the cold.  Yea, they say they can do without the close to or below zero temps thank you very much!  They were pleased when I brought them fresh greens and peas this morning and basically scattered it on their heads in the straw.  They essentially seem to only move to the front of their pen when they want a drink otherwise they are nestled in the deep straw out of any risk of wind in the back area.

The ducks refused to be cajoled for photos, get a drink then quickly in a ducky row walk back to their warm straw beds.

This morning the dogs and I took a walk (ok for the humans more of a trudge) through the snow in the woods with a friend.  That was a work out.  We were cracking jokes on the ride home, who needs a gym?  We just walk our dogs!  With every season change our work out changes!  I think tomorrow I will be sure to remember my snow shoes.

When the dogs and I woke up again later this afternoon, we went out into the yard to take some silly snow photos.  Hope you enjoy!

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