Tuesdays are a Favorite Day

Because of the Tuesday Crew!  Every Tuesday I get to share my day with this bunch of special pups.  Tom, Zora, Ted, Dulce and then anyone happening to be visiting for overnight.

Ted and Dulce get dropped off bright and early.

Everyone leashed up and patiently waiting for our friend to arrive.  Tom, Ted, Lena, Zora & Dulce.  I don’t put Tom’s harness on until we arrive at our walking destination.

Then we all go for a great fun walk in the woods with other friends of ours.   Racing through the fields, playing the come game, searching for tennis balls, swimming, and generally mucking about having a ball being dogs.  They are all really good trail dogs at this point.

Dulce racing over a bridge on a snowy woods walk

Once back home they “help” me take care of the ducks. And by help I mean, they race around the back yard even more. How they still have energy after the amount they all expend on the walk, I have no idea.

Then its inside to clean up.   They all know the drill: Tom gets toweled, then Zora, then Dulce.  Unless Dulce is super muddy in which case she goes in the tub.  Ted gets a bath in the kitchen sink and a quick blow dry.  Heaven help me if I try to break the order.  They all are very keen to remind me I’m then doing it wrong!

And finally nap time.  My favorite part of the day.

Zora, Tom, Me, Ted & Dulce all on the couch for afternoon nap time

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