7 Years of Teamwork

7 years ago today, May 1st, I met Tom and he met me!  I arrived at the Smithtown, NY campus of the Guide Dog Foundation just a few short hours prior, had my juno walk with our trainer and then got to meet Tom for the very first time!  I remember being awed at his size, he was much larger than I had anticipated for a lab x golden retriever cross, and so glad his fur was comfortable for me to touch (texture stuff, many lab coats I can’t stand they are too spiky feeling).  He’s still a big moose and still lovely to pet.

Today we went on a great walk with friends at the state park.  And this afternoon we have an exciting event planned.  Stay tuned for that adventure, I plan to write about it later this week.  Tom’s going to be so excited when he realizes what’s in store today!

Here’s hoping for many more years with this guy leading the way.

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