Did they lose weight?

All last week I was asked over and over “Zora looks thin? Did she lose weight?” Or “Tom’s looking skinny, did he lose weight?”

This happens like clock work twice a year. Spring and fall.

The answer is no, neither did. Actually at the vet appt a week or so ago I learned Tom has actually gained 1.5#. Not lost at all.

So, what happened?

I brushed them. Seriously, that’s it.

We could have had a 3rd dog with the fur that came out between the 2 of them. Shedding season is upon us. Yippee, my hands hate shedding season. At least the dogs look good and fit.

Zora sitting on a log and Tom in harness sitting beside it in the middle of a pine forest

Tom and Zora posing for a shot on a recent walk.

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