Getting to Know You

black retriever covered in snow sits next to a yellow Labrador sitting next to a black and white corgi on a lightly snow covered lawn

Breezie has been a part of our family now for close to 3 months! Whether we’ve added a new puppy or an older dog, there is always a period of transition. With Breezie, in many ways, it feels like she’s been here much longer in large part because she fits in very well. But here are a few things I’ve learned about Breezie!

  1. She loves snow! Having been raised in Georgia, she never truly experienced winter. Well we sure have given her a first winter to remember! She’s learned what black ice is, how to ‘walk like a penguin’, and how to find a ball buried under a foot of snow. Amazingly enough she also appears to be immune to getting cold feet, for which I am grateful!
  2. She’s not keen on wearing a coat. She’ll wear it, but would prefer to not. I would often prefer her to because she’s yellow and gets filthy otherwise. So we compromise and she rarely wears it. That’s the compromise, a dog I towel off a lot.
  3. She sheds, constantly. It’s true, yellow labradors shed worse than black labradors. I pet her and become a yellow Labrador.
  4. She’s a fantastic snuggler. After a few weeks I caved and she gained couch privileges. The benefits of her arriving in winter, I was cold, she is warm. About a month later, she made her way onto the bed at times with permission. She’s my 57# heating pad.
  5. She loves to play. With toys that no other dog in my life ever cared about. So I’m glad those toys are finally getting good use and enjoyment.
  6. She sucks on blankets. That one took me a long time to figure out. I was finding Tom’s blanket damp and could not figure out why. I finally caught her doing it.
  7. She’s very, very adaptable. Which I am also grateful for. During training I said to the instructors about half way through, “I feel like this is a dog I could take to the moon and she’d be fine.” The past 3 months our life has been rather chaos and she just rolls with it.

1 thought on “Getting to Know You

  1. I like that she just goes with the flow. That is always a big help with a new pet. We have had a lot os snow and cold weather this winter. Our little mini -schnauzer is about 18 months old. She’s not too keen on wearing a coat either but she likes to play a game with us. When we bring out the coat she runs into the kitchen and gets behind the table. We follow her. Then she runs around the center island in the kitchen. When we follow her she turns toward us and goes down on her front legs and growls and then hops up and runs toward the back door. She then just sits and waits for us to get her coat on and off she goes out into the back garden.

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