Where does he fit?

Every so often someone asks me “On an airplane, you have to buy Tom his own seat right?”

And they express skepticism when I shrug and respond, “No, he fits under the seat in front of me.  He sleeps the entire flight at my feet.”  They think I’m joking when I mention the cross country flights I’ve taken where the person sitting next to me expresses shock and surprise as we stand to disembark, “That dog was there the entire time?!  I had no idea!”  True story.  Has happened multiple times.

Because I guess unless you’ve experienced the Amazing Shrinking Tom, you wouldn’t believe it? Sure he’s a 63# lab cross, and yea he’s rather large I guess, but he curls up very small.

Well, for those disbelievers, this is where Tom chose to sleep this weekend.  On his own.  Simply because.

Tom curled up in a small corgi sized dog bed sleeping soundly


And let me tell you that corgi sized dog bed he decided to curl himself into and snooze in for a couple of hours is definitely smaller than the area he gets at my feet on an airplane.

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