Announcement (10/27/19): Due to our now geriatric dog's needs we are currently not accepting new boarding clients.  Established boarding clients are still welcome to contact us regarding availability.  Thank you!

Visiting dogs live in the home with us and are integrated fully into the daily routine and life of the household.  We only take 1-2 dogs at a time, so to ensure that we are able to fully meet the behavioral, physical and emotional needs of the dogs in our care, we have strict requirements for acceptance onto our boarding schedule.  We give boarding schedule priority to clients and their dogs who have worked with us in the past for training or consultation, but will accept others who meet our criteria.

  • Boarding dogs must be safe and friendly with our 2 non-reactive adult dogs (1 neutered male, 1 spayed female) and be comfortable with both myself and my husband.  We require a 30 minute meet & greet appointment with owner in attendance prior to scheduling for boarding.
  • Boarding dogs must be comfortable and safe being crated or gated in a room alone overnight and at times when they cannot be supervised during the day (usually no more than 2-3 hours).  Dogs with separation anxiety or who are destructive or bark when crated or alone are not accepted.
  • We have a fully fenced back yard with 4' chain link.  Dogs are always directly supervised when outside, but we do not accept any dogs with a history of escaping out of enclosed areas or fence jumping.
  • We go for long walks 4-5 mornings per week (3-5 miles either in the woods or on the sidewalk), often with other people and dogs.  Boarding dogs who come on walks are always on some form of leash.  If this is something your dog would safely enjoy, then they can come on the walks.  If it's something your dog indicates would be too stressful and not enjoyable then their exercise needs will be met in other ways while still staying on our property.
  • We require that dogs over age 6 months be fully house trained (ie, toilet outside without routine toileting in the house).  Dogs who toilet on pee pads in the house are not accepted.  For puppies under age 6 months or adult dogs who are not house trained, we charge a higher daily rate for the added house breaking training, cleaning and support such dogs require.
  • This is not a board and train service.  That said, basic house manners, safety behaviors and social skills are upheld, reinforced and maintained.  Dogs practice appropriate play, getting enough exercise, coming when called, getting petted and loved on if that's what they enjoy, toileting outside, sleeping on dog beds, chewing safe toys, good social experiences with people and dogs, and generally being a happy dog.
  • Our general daily routine for dogs includes: a good long walk, play sessions where we fetch toys, run around, and practice basic obedience outside in our fenced backyard throughout the day in any weather, meal times in the morning and evening, hanging out napping or chewing on toys in the house on various dog beds in every room, outside toileting breaks as often as needed, lots of attention and loving on, then happy dreaming sound asleep in their crate overnight.  At our home, dogs get to experience being dogs in all of their doggie-ness glory.
  • Boarding is by appointment only with scheduled drop off and pick up times.
  • Owners are required to bring enough food for their dog's entire stay, some treats, appropriate vaccine history, any needed medications, a leash and collar with appropriate ID, a dog bed or blanket, and emergency contact numbers with them to their drop off appointment.
  • We book up quickly especially during peak times such as school vacation weeks or summer holidays.  If you would like to board your dog in our canine-centric home please schedule as soon as possible to ensure we still have space.

Current boarding rates (1/1/2017)

  • For dogs over age 6 months: $50 per day
  • For puppies or adult dogs who are not reliably toileting outside: $75 per day (includes housebreaking behavior & training plan)
  • For 2 dogs (who are housebroken) from the same household: $90 per day
  • No charge for a pre-boarding meet & greet appointment
  • No additional charge to administer any prescribed medications
  • Boarding fees are due in full at time of drop off and are payable by check or cash.
  • Rates do not include food or treats.  Owner is required to provide all food & treats (see above).
  • Drop off before 4 pm or pick up after 10:30 am is charged as a full boarding day.

If our boarding set up sounds like one your dog would love, please call to schedule your meet & greet at (781) 806-5707

A small brown, mixed breed puppyWe have boarded our puppy, Willy, many times with Katrin and her dogs. Willy loves staying there as he gets plenty of exercise and play time. I feel good about leaving him in her care, knowing that he is safe and will get lots of attention. - Martha G., Westwood, MA

Four dogs running together down a trail through the woods
Fluffy dog holding a toy in the snow
Two dogs wading in a pond together