Virtual Private Consults

Notice: We are not accepting new clients at this time.  Please use the Consultant Locator tool at to locate one of my qualified Dog Behavior Consultant or Trainer colleagues in your local area.  Thank you!

If you are an existing Maplewood Dog client looking to schedule a follow up virtual consult please, complete the instructions on our Registration page


At Maplewood Dog, our Virtual Private Lessons are an effective way to advance your agility, rally and obedience goals! 

Let us help you with:

  • Beginner Agility Foundation Skills
  • Advanced and Competition Agility Handling including Distance Skills
  • Problem Solving Ring Stress, Hyper-Arousal, Disengagement and Distraction
  • Creating Reliable Behaviors in the Competition Ring
  • Building Confidence in Your Team's Performance
  • Developing Clear Communication with Your Sport Dog
  • Creating Successful Training Plans for Your Performance Goals

Working with instructor Katrin Andberg Hawkins, CBCC-KA, CDBC, you'll gain insight into your dog through the lens of a certified behavior professional and agility nationals winner.  With emphasis on helping teams build solid foundations for high level performance, you'll gain feedback for increasing clarity, communication, focus and reliability in your relationship with your performance dog in and out of the ring.

Note: We do not train, or assist with training, service or assistance dogs at this time.  See this link for resources.

Virtual Private Consults

During our live real-time virtual sessions, we work one-on-one with you and your dog anywhere your video feed will reach!  Want to train on a hike in the woods?  Or from the comfort of your living room?  Having challenges in a specific environment or setting?  Great!  Through the power of video feeds we can work together anywhere in the world.  Together, we’ll develop a customized training plan, practice essential skills, and set training goals specific to your team’s needs.  

Can’t video stream?  No problem!

In cases where clients are unable to successfully set up video streaming in real-time, they video tape their practice and email Katrin a video link before their scheduled lesson.  Scheduled sessions are then held over the phone, or through email, with detailed discussion, feedback and training plans, allowing the team to advance their training and improve their skills.           

Virtual Private Consult Sessions Include:

  • Training handouts and videos as applicable
  • Personalized training plans after each session
  • Phone and email support for the duration of the training
  • Review of pre-recorded video
  • All multi-session training programs include 1 month of complimentary phone and email support after the completion of the training program

Virtual Initial Consult - $125

At the initial consult, we'll begin with a discussion of your dog's background, behavior history, and your training goals. After assessing and observing your team's current skills, we’ll introduce a few instructed exercises.  By the end of the session, you'll have a set of initial exercises to practice and a first stage training plan to move you forward. The initial consult is 60-90 minutes in length.

Follow Up Virtual Private Consults

Follow Up consults are individually tailored to each team’s needs.  The first part of each session we connect to discuss your progress, both successes and challenges with homework, any new information, and make updates to the goal-based training plan. From there we work actively on training and behavior modification exercises together to prepare you and your dog for successful homework practice.  

Cost - $85 per hour

Three-Session Package - $240

Notes on Technology:

Virtual lessons are held using Zoom, Skype or FaceTime at the client’s preference.  Please indicate your preferred platform at the time of scheduling.  Test that your device’s video and microphone are functioning in the area you plan to be working in with your dog for your lesson before your lesson’s scheduled start time, and that your battery is fully charged.  Sometimes when inside using wifi, where you are in your house will impact video lag and quality.

Person shaking paws with a black poodleKatrin Andberg Hawkins is a miracle-worker.  In every class session, my dog learns to do something I thought she would never do.  And Katrin doesn't teach her.  She teaches me to teach her.  Her name has become a magic word in my house.  Every time I say "Katrin," my dog jumps up and rushes to the door, squealing with joy to get to another class. Beyond the magic for my dog, working with Katrin has been an amazing adventure for my own brain.  She is so smart and wise about dogs and people - a perfect mentor for the awesome, two-sided creativity of inter-species communication." - Chris R., Sharon, MA

Yellow lab lying in the grass with a toyKatrin and I have worked together remotely via her web chat private lessons.  She is a remarkable trainer whose knowledge base goes well beyond the “how-to”. She is skilled in canine theory, development, and body language, and is able to put together the whole picture in a way that is easy for the client to understand and fun for the dog. Katrin gives wonderful, constructive feedback, is quick to assess any environmental barriers or tiny quirks in my body language that many be interfering with my dog’s ability to understand.  My relationship and bond with my dog has strengthened ten-fold since we began working with her. She is truly an expert, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who is as competent or as compassionate. I get asked all the time how my dog and I are able to do what we do, and I just smile and say, “We have Katrin!” - Erica R., Buffalo, NY