A Spaniel-y Kind of Day

I love spaniels.  Most spaniels.  I have to admit, not a big fan of American Cocker Spaniels overall, but I generally like most English Cockers.  And English Springers.  And Welsh.  And of course the Fields.(1)

They are just so soft.  Soft to touch.  Soft to train.  So soft.  One of our frequent doggie visitors is a spaniel named Dulce.  Which is the perfect name for her spaniely little self- Sweet.

Way back when I was in high school I had a summer job cleaning kennels at a local boarding kennel.  There were 2 field spaniels, Merlin and his housemate whose name I no longer recall.  Everyone else hated dealing with these dogs.  They were drooly and jumpy and that kind of goofy neurotic that comes part and parcel with many spaniels it seems (2).  But I adored them (to the rest of the staff’s delight).

My last puppy smart start class before I took my work leave, I had 2 springer spaniel puppies from different families.  And today those 2 pups (now fun adolescent dogs) are here for a visit.  Dulce and Lucy.  They are so cute.  And soft.  And sweet.  And goofy.  Today is a good day.  A good Spaniel-y filled smiley day.

English Springer Spaniels Lucy on the left, Dulce on the right

And a fun playtime video:

  1.  If you read the “About” header page, you have already learned about my future old lady dog.  Named Fredrick.
  2. I’ve met and worked with many spaniels of varying breeds over the years and one common factor I’ve found among them all is: they need a tremendous amount of positive social exposure the many environments and stimulus for many more weeks/months than many other breeds.  Where as say with your average labrador puppy you can do puppy class and maybe basic obedience class and take the pup the same 10 places over and over and the pup will grow up to be a fine adult who has a fairly low average risk of developing fear based behavior problems and who can probably acclimate fairly easily to change and new places; a spaniel puppy you really need to do puppy class, and basic obedience class, and then some more classes, and take them 100 different places over and over and ensure that each place they have a good experience, and do that well through adolescence.

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