Tom, Zora, Rosie Poodle and Dulce Spaniel. All we need is Rock-It Lab to complete the crew.

Black lab cross, black standard poodle, back and white English springer spaniel and black and white cardigan corgi sit next to each other on the lawn

I love that my dogs have friends. And that these dogs in particular are all friends. Happy to walk together, happy to hang together, happy to see each other. Makes me happy

What else makes me happy? How easy it was to get this photo. Seriously. They posed themselves when I asked them all to collectively “sit”. Such good dogs!

0 thoughts on “BFFs

    1. For this photo, I simply asked them all to sit and they quickly and easily did. But to get to the point where this photo was so easy, well loads of reinforcement history and relationship building over the years. 🙂

        1. For this photo I actually didn’t have any on me, but in general yes. the enthusiasm, speed, and degree of compliance when I asked them to sit was built over time through the use of things they all like, including treats.

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