How Long is Too Long?

short post tonight as I have hit the burned the candle at both ends and now shall pay the price stage of my recent string of activities. Was all that I’ve done worth it?  Hmmm, ask me again in about 3 weeks….

anyway, every so often someone asks me my thoughts on how long is too long for dog nails.

this, this is too long

Zora’s white feet with toenails long enough to touch the floor & make tap tap tap noise when she walks

this is not too long

Zora’s freshly trimmed toe nails now short enough to not touch the floor or make sounds

That too long length happened within 2 weeks. I trimmmed zora’s nails on the last day of September. We the had our trip, then last week, and the agility trial this weeekend. Normally I would have trimmed them when we returned from our trip but I knew if I did that they would be too short for her to get good traction on the turf surface at the trial this weekend. So I had to deal with the increasing tap tap tap sounds from her all week. We weren’t home an hour today before I trimmed them. Why yes, yes I do have sensory processing disorder, why do you ask? Tap tap tap. Ahhh! So glad for my rotary sander tool and a well trained dog. Peace and quiet once more.

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