Can’t you just behave?!

After an exhausting day of agility yesterday, I fell asleep on the couch. Only to wake up, with a corgi snuggled against me, at 2:30am because the kitchen light had been left on. When I hit a certain part of my sleep wake cycle it takes very little to wake me up. Kitchen light on did it this morning.

As such I’ve been up. And zora is annoyed.

She wants to go back to sleeping nestled against me. I am not behaving she says!

I move too much. I shift. I read. I type. I research. I design and plan.

Zora communicates clearly her displeasure. And that she wants me to behave! Corgis need their sleep!

She sighs. She pokes her nose in my face. She shifts. She moves my hand and arm just where is most comfortable for her (which unfortunately is not so for me). She tries the other side of the couch. She groans. She settles in against me once more making sure I know just where she wants to be sleeping and that I need to cooperate!

Zora would like you all to know life is tough when your owner is an insomniac!

Zora sound asleep on a blue couch pillow

9 thoughts on “Can’t you just behave?!

  1. Awww, this is such an adorable photo! My little dog is the same, he likes to sleep snuggled up next to me at night but it takes me a while to get to sleep and I shuffle around alot, he always starts sighing after about 10mintes. 🙂 xxx

    1. Zora is wondering if your small dog would like to join her in her budding cause “Small dogs for more sleep!” 😉 LOL I can see them now with their signs and picketing, marching on their little feet “Less Shifting, More sleep!”

        1. I know right?! Lol. Zora has her own pillow on the far end of the couch but oh no snuggled next to me is where she wants to be. Lol. Oh well, I guess it’s nice to be so loved 😉

  2. That Zora! At least she doesn’t do what Levi does. His go-to method of getting my attention is to pry my arm up so I can’t type. If that doesn’t work, he’ll plop his entire head on the keyboard. I defy anyone to type with a Great Dane head covering their keyboard. Walter’s move is to get his head under the laptop to bounce it around. Between the two of them, it’s amazing I get to type at all!

    1. LOL! Tom is an expert at the elbow thump as well. But he isn’t as big as your guys! the head covering the key board, LOL what an image!

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