Chipmunk with a death wish

Seriously little guy, there are so many better places you could chose to be.

Chipmunk standing in the grass

Like a thousand within 10′ that don’t involve being on my deck while 4 dogs also sunbathe on it.

Because you had to work hard to get onto the deck. Like active choice. Multiple active choices to get here. You don’t end up on my deck by happenstance. I’ve ensured that. For little critters to get on the deck, you must navigate a number of barriers put in placed to give you a chance to realize maybe this isn’t the wisest decision. I even give you enticements to want to be other places, like you ran through my lettuce patch to get on the deck! Where there is nothing but 4 dogs! 2 of whom get the thrill of a lifetime chasing your kind.

And that you’ve done it any way. Seriously pal, why? Are you a little chipmunk adrenaline junkie? Did your little chipmunk pals dare you to do it? Are you a suffering chipmunk, is this a cry for help?

I hope the run for you life from the dogs who love chipmunk chasing and the fact that this time they were so shocked at finding you willingly coming into their territory they couldn’t coordinate their efforts to actually capture you, makes you think twice next time you consider scurrying onto my deck. I don’t want to host a chipmunk funeral.

Belgian terv puppy, brown fluffy small dog and a black and white corgi sit on the lawn

3 of the chipmunk chasers in question (ok the only 3, Tom doesn’t chase chipmunks)

0 thoughts on “Chipmunk with a death wish

  1. We have two saucy chippies who run around our deck. Or little dog ( mini schnauzer) just looks at the them and shakes her head.She’s a senior and she is not going to give them the satisfaction of chasing them.

  2. Sadly our cats are killers, and would’ve had that chipmunk for breakfast. But on the flipside, there are no mice in our house or on our property. If only they could distinguish between the cute/harmless and the pests.

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