Duck Duty

It’s been an active couple of weeks around here, hence my blogging absence.

This weekend we had the joy of sitting a couple of ducklings for a good friend of mine!  They are chocolate runner duck babies.  Super sweet, social and cute.  I love their grey coloring.

I had them set up inside in a brooder area in our spare bedroom, but today was such a gorgeous day out that I put them outside for a bit.  They seemed to enjoy it as did Tom and Zora.

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She picked them back up this afternoon, so no more indoor ducks for us for now.

On the topic of ducks, sadly Miss Penelope died.  I felt even worse because I was away in VT and my neighbor was taking care of the quacks for me, she is the one who found her.  So now my flock is down to 5, but knock on wood the remaining 5 are doing quite well.


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