Gem of Today

Lyft driver:  “You have a dog.  I can’t take you.  I just had my car cleaned.  Your dog is going to pee in my car.”

Me rolling my eyes, getting into his car as he’s talking cuz give me a break dude:  “He’s a guide dog.  He won’t pee in your car.  I promise.”

Now that’s a first.  Suppose it’s better than the lies about allergies that are really a fear of dogs.

For the record, No Tom did not pee in his car.

Tom with his “Why would I pee in a car?  Who does that?! Humans are weird”  face on

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    1. If it didn’t happen so often I’d be more *head desk* and less *roll eyes, hear we go again, what’s the excuse of the day? I’m going to be in this car before you can finish your sentence as I don’t have time for your unlawful discrimination and nonsense”. Oh how I wish I could trade my guide dog in for a drivers license and a set of keys in a heart beat. I love Tom to pieces but not having to be dependent on the whim of the day transportation or my own 2 feet, yea.

      1. I can imagine it gets pretty annoying. You’d think people would know this stuff. Like, why is this not taught in schools so people can learn it as kids and then maybe we will eventually have a generation that knows this stuff?

  1. I love Tom. The stories you tell about him are just heartwarming. Zora’s no slouch, either! Bill tells me we should get a smaller dog than our Danes when the time comes. Your Zora makes me think a Corgi might be a consideration. Now if I could only have you come along to train me to train them!

    1. Awe thanks! Corgi dogs are fun little munchkins. Smart, tenacious little herding dogs, super fun! I also really like some of the smaller spaniels, the field bred english cockers and boykin spaniels too. I often recommend to folks cavaliers if they are looking for a smaller, sweet dog as many of them are super nice temperaments.

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