Happy Birthday Tom!

Today Tom is 8!

I don’t even have words to express how much I love this exceptional dog.

Our trip just further reinforced for me how much he is not only an integral part of my family, but of my independence.  His guide skills, training, intelligence and personality all made the trip we just took so much safer, and doable for me.

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So instead I made him his own special birthday ‘cake’.  Full of all of his favorite yummy foods.

I petted him as much as he endlessly desired all day.

The kids and I sang him Happy Birthday.

He got to sleep on our bed all night last night.

And I told him every chance I got just how much I love him.

Tomorrow we are going to go for a walk in some of his preferred places and let him have a good guide dog time.

Happy Birthday Tommy Tomato Dog.  You are an amazing, wonderful, very well loved part of my family.

Tom’s Favorites Birthday Cake Recipe:


  • 1 can tuna in water
  • 1 egg
  • 2 small to medium sized apples shredded
  • tapioca starch (for binding of the ingredients)
  • couple sprinkles of garlic powder
  • chopped hot dogs
  • freeze dried raw dog food (we were given Sojos in our welcome bags at champs)
  • peanut butter for frosting
Tom’s cake ingredients on the counter top

In a large bowl mix together the tuna (drain about 1/2 of the liquid out of the can first), the egg, and the shredded apples.  Add in just enough tapioca starch for it all to bind together.  Sprinkle in garlic powder and chopped hot dogs.

Glop into tureens or other oven safe baking dish that is a suitable size.  Use a spatula to spread it so it is as even as can be in the dishes.

Bake at 325′ for about 50min (longer if you are using thicker or larger dishes, less if using thinner).

Remove from the dish and allow to cool.

Spread a thin layer of peanut butter on each as frosting.  Then sprinkle on top the freeze dried raw.

Sing to your birthday dog then let them enjoy their special treat!

Tom eating his birthday cake on a plate out on our deck

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