Morning Us Time

I often find myself struggling with philosophical questions, and delving into explorations about how others through the ages have attempted to find answers or puzzle over them.  A while back my reading travels took me to learn about Gretchen Rubin and read some of her books.  The concepts of her Happiness Project intrigued me, so I’ve been mulling over elements of a project of my own.

I’ve done elements of happiness projects in past, my computer monitor is covered with life reminder sticky notes.  Helping me remember various habits and thought processes I’d like to repeat to help me shift existing or old patterns.

Ms Rubin’s book got me thinking about it all much more formally though.  So I’ve been thinking more concretely about what actions, behaviors, patterns, habits go in to my feeling happy, content, satisfied.  There have been a number of things, and some of them are patterns, behaviors, habits I used to do yet have fallen out of practice.  Usually because I think ‘I should be being more productive right now’ and discounting that what I’m doing right then that I find fulfilling and satisfying isn’t somehow productive.

Therefore lately I’ve been recreating some of my old habits in addition to working to create some brand new ones.  One of which is the re-addition of Morning Time with the Dogs into my routine.  I’m a morning person, and over the years have come to be incredibly possessive about my mornings.  They are MINE!  I like the quiet early time where I can go at my own pace and be in my own world at no one’s beck or call.  As mornings are MINE adding in and re-creating practices I’ve found fulfilling for no other reason than they make me happy to my morning routine seems like the perfect space for them.

My morning routine always includes caring for the dogs, and includes our walk, but it also includes a lot of other things like emptying the dishwasher or making my daily to-do list or checking voice mails and emails.  I go through my little routines, all while the dogs sit or follow me around wishing I’d engage with them.  And I think, “I should stop this and go be with them…” then I go on with whatever I was doing like making the grocery list.

When Zora was little every morning I’d sit or lay on the floor with the dogs and we’d have unstructured morning us time.  Where we played or I petted them and they got to tell me what we did and how we did it.  Where we just were together for no reason other than we all wanted to be.  And I loved it.  They loved it.  It was a great way to start my day.

Then Zora got older.  And more able to self regulate.  And not get into mischief in the morning.  And I stopped doing it.  This seems to be a pattern I’ve done with just about all puppies past.  We have morning us time, we all love it, then as they no longer seem to ‘need’ it, I stop doing it.  Despite that we all love it and it helps the day start off right.

I’m re-instituting Morning Us Time.  I’ve decided we all still need it.  The dishes and grocery list can wait.  The dogs and I need unstructured us time.  I’m loving it.  The dogs are loving it.  It is still a glorious way to start my day.

Morning Us Time when Zora was still a baby.  Me lying on a rug, baby Zora with a toy, Tom beside me getting petted. 

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂 Yes when I thought to myself, “at the end of the day, which will I value more? That I did the dishes before 8am or that I spent quality time with my dogs?” it was a no brainer.

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