Name Silliness

Golden Retriever running in the grass

I was recently listening an interesting, thought provoking podcast called Namesake.  And listening to it combined with a couple of encounters with others reminded me I had wanted to do a post about dogs and names.

I’ve posted about dogs and names before, but this is going to be less that.  And more silly.

Most dogs I know have many “names.”  Or things their humans call them.  Or other humans call them, such as my brother in law enjoys making up names for dogs that drive their owners then crazy.  Like how he calls my sister’s golden retriever Crumpet.  Which she will have you know is not his name!

Golden Retriever running in the grass

My own dogs have a long list of names.  Some of which they actually respond to.  Zora, Z, Z.Z, ZB, Noodle, Jingles, Weasel.

black and white corgi in yellow spike vest sits panting a field

But my favorite is one of Tom’s, and is Tomato.  And the sheer number of people who overhear me call him that who go, “Wait, is that his real name?” Makes me laugh every time.  I call him Tomato because well his name is Tom.  That’s really the reason.  (ok and because he’s a garden thief). But because it makes me smile harder I usually say, “It’s cuz he’s soft and squishy.”

Because really, having fun with your dog’s name and peoples silliness in their responses, makes life a whole heck of a lot less stressful I think.  lol

Black lab dog sits in front of green beans in the garden
Tom in front of his favorite thing to rob, peas fresh off the vine

What are some of the silly names you’ve given your dog?

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