Sleepy Corgi Weekend

in my world there isn’t anything much cuter than a corgi sleeping.  Ok well, ducklings and golden retriever puppies are also right up there too,  but corgis sleeping are definitely amongst the top of the list

Zora sound asleep nestled in our red douvet cover

my cell phone and tablet are chock full of photos of zora sleeping. And each one makes me want to squish her right up and tell her how much I love her. So adorably cute. But squishing her right up makes her look sad since well because she doesn’t much appreciate it, so instead I take stealth photos and send them to my husband usually while he is at work.

actually each year for christmas I make him a photo calendar.  Ok well shutterfly makes him a photo calendar, but I tell them to make it full of corgi photos.  Yea, Tom and the ducks and even I make an occasional appearance in it as well, but mostly the corgi stars.  He hangs it in his portion of his cubicle.  I’ve heard some of his co-workers seem to enjoy it too.  How could they not?

Zora sleeping and snoring curled on her side in our red douvet cover

isn’t she cuter than words?

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