So much Static!

We’ve been in a deep freeze out here in New England, and that plus forced hot air means Tom is a staticky mess. Not Zora though for whatever reason, just Tom.

Touching him is really most unpleasant. Every strand of fur charged to the max. Zap, zap, zap!

Tom sitting face to the camera looking cute

Thankfully there are remedies for this

Equyss spray on conditioner for dogs

This spray in leave on moisturizing conditioner works incredibly well. EQyss Premier Pet Hydrating Spray. Spray it on him, massage it in and I can once again pet Tom zap free. Thank goodness as a Tommy without petting is a very sad sight indeed.

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    1. Oh poor Baxter. Lol. Tom says petting is worth the shock. He gives me the Look if I stop petting due to getting zapped. Lol. Glad Baxter came around and decided to forgive.

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