They're Ducks.

Conversation between myself and my husband.

“I wonder if the ducks will forget who I am if we go away and I’m not there for a few days.”

“Honey, they forget who you are every time you come in the house.  They’re ducks.”

Reality check.  They’re Ducks.

Laughing so hard tears are still streaming down my face.  Yup.  They’re ducks.


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    1. Oh absolutely once they see me or hear me they come running, if they are out in the yard and I’m inside and want to know where they are all I have to do is open a window and whistle for the whole group to come running to the open window, but in all likelihood the minute I’m out of sight, yea they probably don’t think about me at all. lol

        1. True, very true lol they are smart little creatures, one of the reasons I adore spending so much time with them. I love thinking about their behaviors and trying to puzzle out ‘so what evolutionary advantage would that behavior or set have for a duck? Hmm…’

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