We Have EGGS!!!!

Oh my gosh I am so excited!!!  2 ducks are now laying!!  Yippee!!!!  They turn 5months old next week!

1st egg 08082016
The very first egg!

This is especially joyous after the rather stressful duck weekend.  That involved me finally deciding to pick up some dewormer at Tractor Supply and deworming the crew yesterday afternoon.  Which appeared to be the hopefully correct call since the duck who was not acting right is now appearing back to her usual self.  Which I am relieved.  And crossing my fingers all is now well with her.

So when I went to let them out and clean their pen this morning after my walk as usual and I found a neat little egg lying in the nesting box oh my gosh I was over the moon!!  Then I found a 2nd in their kiddie pool and WOW so excited!!!!

They are laying!!  They are laying!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!  Doing the happy dance!  The ducks are laying!!!!!!

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